Saturday, February 18, 2017

Logo Design Client: Shabab El-Bourj Sporting Club, Lebanon

This logo design was created for the Shabab El-Bourj Sporting Club, a Lebanese club. the logo brief asked for a design that would show that the club is for young and other ages, for different people regardless of their believes and political orientation, that all would work as a team, with a 3D effect. I created some example shapes and text treatments to begin as sketches on paper, then laid them out in Adobe Illustrator for review by the client.

The option of using the Lebanese Cedar iconography was then requested. The previous logo concept had two figures holding a victory cup, and this was updated to have the two holding the Cedar tree instead of the cup. In addition, the client asked that the heads of the people be somewhat humanized, so I reshaped the heads so they were not circles, and positioned them so they looked like they were looking toward the tree. We removed the stars, because although they liked them, they were thinking when they have a performance or win a cup, they could add them in the future to signify the achievement.

The client settled on the shield shape for simplicity; with the two people holding the cedar tree in the middle, and color treatments were begun.

The logo text was in both English and Arabic; Arabic text in vector art was provided by the client. The colors requested were yellow and black, with red and white for the Lebanese flag and the green for cedar in the middle. Blue was selected as the color to accent the black areas and make them look more dimensional.

The shield shape was given a 3D edge that looks like it is beveled, the text was also given highlights and shadows, and shadows added to parts to make the different areas look like they are separated. Adjustments to the shapes and arrangement of elements were tried, as well as a different blue palette. The Cedar tree broke the border of the text to further add to the dimensional appearance.

Final changes included the human figures to be two colors - red and white, with the inner two colors inside to evoke the Lebanese flag. With a few more variations of color arrangement, the final version was selected with a grouping of hues that were more generally concentric.

 Final Logo.

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