Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spaceship Design

This was a design I made based on a story by my friend Robert Gonko. His story featured a ship called the Jamestown, which was lost in space to an alien attack. I made a shirt as if it were a patriotic souvenir from the future, as a Christmas gift in 2004 (although he did not get it until the following year).

This is the start of the ship design, showing the main fuselage.

Work in progress, showing the addition of the communications array at the back and the cargo pods. 

Completed scene. 

Here are some of the bump maps and textures used.

 Finished artwork!

And the finished product being worn by Robert Gonko! 

Unused art for Lion Air

These were unfinished logo ideas for Lion air; unfortunately, the client declined to continue the project.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Logo Design for DJ Shadow Blaukempt

This logo design called for a character with an attitude. The finished design:

Here are the steps of the creation process. Based on the client brief, I drew these four characters.

The client chose the top pose and added a request for a weapon. I then produced these three variants in Illustrator. 

I recommended to the client that the weapon could be implied with the pointed jack of a pair of headphones. This is the final vector art and reference material. 

Logo Design for Self Promotion

In 2005, I needed to make a new logo for myself as part of a self-promotional effort. I was inspired somewhat by the oval logos of car manufacturers, as well as the letterforms for E, H, and D and so I decided to make an oval logo with a lot of symmetry. The sketch I did was very bare. I only needed the idea.
Here's the sketch:

Adding guidelines in Illustrator:

And the final version!

After the vector art was finished, I made a 3D version for use in videos.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Welcome to my blog.

Why write a blog? There are so many already. I decided to start one because I have things to share. I am going to go through my backed up design work for the last decade, find interesting projects I worked on, and write postings about them. Some of the work might be added to the public domain.

Thank you for viewing, and I hope you enjoy it and find some useful things. As a start, here are some Photoshop doodles.