Saturday, June 28, 2014

Project: Book Cover Art for 'The Servant' by Robert Gonko.

Author Robert Gonko commissioned cover art for his new novel. We first went through several very rough layout ideas. 

The author selected a version with the gun and a Bible on the cover. 

Next, I created the text in Adobe Illustrator and assembled some different ideas in color. The gun is a 9mm Beretta, specifically referenced and used in the book. I used a public domain image from Wikimedia for the gun. The sketch called for a Bible and the gun to be on the front cover, but the layout was awkward with both elements. I decided instead to make the entire cover reminiscent of a bible, and use the gun as a solitary element.

The author chose the black cover with gold and silver text effects.

A few spacing, lighting and alignment corrections later, and we had the final version.

And here is the electronic book cover version.

You can purchase this book from