Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Creating 3D avatars for the upcoming film "Ready Player One"

A recent project called for avatars to be created for the upcoming Steven Spielberg film, "Ready Player One". I had a few that were in various states of completion from previous clients and other projects. I created two original avatars, ElectroNaga and Exosius Mistwalker.

ElectroNaga is the avatar of a grad student who loves gardening and animals. She also wears a patterned hoodie and a backpack. ElectroNaga is 5.5 meters, or 18 feet, from nose to tip of tail, and 1.9 meters, or 6.25 feet, fingertip to fingertip in her relaxed pose.

Exosius Mistwalker is a half dark elf, half dragon. He's a powerful techno-mage and is a renowned teacher and crafter of arcane objects. In the Oasis, he makes avatars and custom virtual items for select clients. Exosius stands 7.5 feet tall, or about 2.3 meters, from his feet to the top of his scaled head crests.