Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spaceship Design

This was a design I made based on a story by my friend Robert Gonko. His story featured a ship called the Jamestown, which was lost in space to an alien attack. I made a shirt as if it were a patriotic souvenir from the future, as a Christmas gift in 2004 (although he did not get it until the following year).

This is the start of the ship design, showing the main fuselage.

Work in progress, showing the addition of the communications array at the back and the cargo pods. 

Completed scene. 

Here are some of the bump maps and textures used.

 Finished artwork!

And the finished product being worn by Robert Gonko! 

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  1. Never made it very far with that story but I'm using a lot of the material as background for a new project I'm trying to develop. Want to design some more spaceships?